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Reviews of the Wilkinet by healthcare professionals

"I am a huge fan - as both an osteopath and a parent.  Sally's genius was in devising a "contraption" that:
  - is good for the baby - weight carried on the thighs and buttocks instead of the perineum;
  - is good for the parent - the shoulder straps only stop the baby falling forward and all the weight is transferred directly to the pelvis, while, providing the waist straps are fitted low enough, it also acts as a sacro-iliac belt, helping to stabilise the sacro-iliac joints (especially important for a nursing mother, whose ligaments will tend to be lax);
  - has NO moving parts - an engineering tour-de-force.  (I was an engineer before I became an osteopath)  That means guaranteed 100% reliability with NO maintenance!

The terrible thing about many clip fastening type carriers is that the baby's weight is all taken on your shoulders, which means it is all transmitted down your entire spine.  In addition, the weight is in front of you so your shoulders are pulled forward and your back muscles have to work overtime keeping you upright.  I managed less than 10 minutes using a clip fastening baby carrier before getting backache.

The Wilkinet transfers the weight directly onto the pelvic bones (your hips) and from there to the legs, so none of the baby's weight has to be carried through the spine, so there is hardly any load placed on the spinal column at all."

Martin Grundy
Osteopath - www.martingrundy.co.uk (opens in new window)

"As a physiotherapist working in Women's Health and a relatively new Mum, I have tried out several slings/baby carriers and I can say without doubt that the Wilkinet was the one that I felt provided the best support and comfort for both mother and baby."

Katie Peters

"I THINK IT IS SPLENDID - MUCH THE BEST ON THE MARKET - I recommend the WILKINET in preference to other baby carriers currently available (that is upright carriers) because of its design. I like the way the shoulder straps stop the baby’s head lolling sideways. Some baby carriers have no side protection, if the baby goes to sleep its head just ‘falls out’. The straps are well padded so do not press into the (parent’s) shoulder girdle and, most importantly of all, the baby does not hang on its pelvic floor. The base strap supports under its thighs and under its bottom. The tie straps hold the baby’s lower spine snug against its (parent’s) body, no other carrier that I have seen fulfils these latter essentials."

Deirdre Mackay
Physiotherapist and Antenatal Teacher.
Chairwoman of the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Technical Committee 1982-1987.

"Excellent... the weight is carried across the pelvis - there's no slouching. The baby's well supported with a head rest"

Marcia Harewood
Osteopath and Chiropracter.

I have encouraged [the use of] a sling or baby carrier... [To provide] a gentle transition to the world for the new babies, helping to keep them near to their parents... the Wilkinet is extremely comfortable... the baby does not feel as heavy as in other baby carriers... the weight is mostly carried around the adult's waist... near the centre of gravity... due to the very clever design of the Wilkinet tying up around the waist... It is so important that the weight of the baby is distibuted in the best possible way for a new mother's body which is a little vulnerable straight after the birth... The phsiotherapists at the University College Hospital, London have encouraged this particular baby carrier as the support under the baby's bottom properly supports the baby's pelvic floor."

Yvonne Moore
Prenatal Yoga and Childbirth Teacher.

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